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Special “Gilles Art Shop” pawn set.

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Special “Gilles Art Shop” pawn set.

This polished and waxed oak set is modern, stylish and simple. It is both a playable set with the simple and traditional symbolism of the pieces, and a decorative object that will delight the design of your interior.
Each piece is reversible: one black side, one white side, which makes it unique and original. But this particularity brings a new advantage to the game. If you wish, you can play with a new rule: When an opponent’s piece is simultaneously threatened by two of your pawns, you can either take the opponent’s piece or turn it over, which inverts its color and allows you to recover it. The strategy evolves with this new rule and the game becomes even more gripping and strategic. The opponent loses his pawn, and you inherit it. You could end up with three bishops or two queens…
The game is going to get spicy…

Game size: Size 4

This game reference is sold without a board.

Manufacturing time, approximately two weeks, excluding restocking.

This game can be made in different colors: Black/White – Red/Yellow – Green/Blue – Yellow/Green – or any color of your choice. Please get in touch via the “Create your chess game” page to define your preferences.

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