REVERSO oak T5 chess set and Travertine board


REVERSO oak T5 chess set and Travertine board

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In our exclusive “ Reverso ” collection (returnable pawns – advanced rules of the game), here is a superb combination. The solid oak pawns are offered with a superb travertine tile chessboard, natural for the light squares and tiles decorated with floral motifs for the dark squares.
The round top is made of solid oak, 2 cm thick, and has a side of 50 cm. The design of the figures is clear and easily identifiable, which makes this game perfectly playable.

This game is available in size T4.5 (4.5 cm squares), the pawns in size 5.

In our “Reverso” collection, each piece is reversible: one side of each color, which makes it unique and original. But this particularity brings a new advantage to the game. You can, if you wish, play with a new rule: When an opposing piece is simultaneously threatened by a number of pawns greater than the defense, you can either take the opposing piece or turn it over, which reverses its color and allows you to recover it. The strategy evolves with this new rule and the game becomes even more gripping and strategic. The opponent loses his pawn, and you inherit it. You could end up with three bishops or two queens…
The game is going to get spicy…

If you wish to personalize your set of pawns from this base, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page or the “your project” page in the “Chess” menu, so that we can define your preferences together and offer you a fair price.
Manufacturing time, allow approximately two weeks, excluding restocking.

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Weight 7200 g
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 15 cm


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