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Special 3D Reverse pawns 20-30

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These contemporary and refined chess pieces are one of my flagship products.
They are made up of two pieces of different colors, printed in 3D, assembled on transparent PVC tubes filled with small colored gravel. You can choose the colors of the pawns and the colors of the gravel according to your tastes and desires, or perhaps match them to a game board.
These pawns also exist in metallic colors (Gold, Silver, Old Bronze, Copper). See the “3D Reverso Metal Pawns” page.

During the game which can take place according to the new “reverso”(*) rule, the turning of a piece produces an original little “rain stick” sound, and the movement of the gravel in the tube ensures maximum stability to the piece.

Very colorful, very fun, and above all very tactical, this game will delight strategy enthusiasts.

Dimensions: diameter 20-30 mm

This game of pawns is sold without a chessboard. You will find chessboards of various sizes, colors and materials in the pages of the “Chess” menu.

All my chess sets are made to order, with particular care, and can be adjusted to the size or colors you want.
Manufacturing time, two weeks, excluding restocking.

If you would like to personalize a set from this base, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page or the “Design your chess game” page in the “Chess” menu, so that we can define your preferences together. and offer you the fairest price.

(*) In our “ Reverso ” collection, each piece is reversible: one side of each color, which makes it unique and original, and brings a new possible rule to the game:
When an opposing piece is simultaneously threatened by a number of pawns greater than the defense, you can choose to either take the opposing piece or turn it over, which reverses its color and allows you to recover it. The strategy evolves with this new rule and the game becomes even more gripping and strategic. The opponent loses his pawn, and you inherit it. You could end up with three bishops or two queens… The game is going to get spicy…

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 160 × 130 × 120 cm
Couleur pions Ouv.

Noir, Blanc, Rouge, Jaune, Bleu

Couleur pions Adv.

Noir, Blanc, Rouge, Jaune, Bleu

Couleur gravillon

Blanc/gris & rouge, Blanc/gris & vert, Blanc/gris & bleu, Blanc/gris & noir, Bleu clair & foncé


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