Sculpture – Ballerina tip


Sculpture – Ballerina tip

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This piece of driftwood picked up on the Corsican beaches inspired me this modest sculpture.
The very particular shape of this oak branch already looked a lot like a feminine kick, fine and racy, camped on the tips of the toes.
Nature does things well, and sometimes it gives decorative objects… I only had to carve the bottom of this branch to achieve the expected result, and I chose not to polish or sand the drink to leave it in its own juice. I just buffed the nails so the wood darkens and shines as if they were varnished.

The base is solid oak, which I chose not to treat or varnish to match the style of this piece.

This small original sculpture will enhance your interior or your fireplace, and will add character to the room for which you intend it.

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Weight 677 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 31 cm


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