Decorative triptych – Painted leaf pattern


Decorative triptych – Painted leaf pattern

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An original gift or decoration idea…

This triptych is inspired by the leaves and plants of the forest. Each tile is cut from 3cm thick solid larch.

Size of tiles: 12 x 12 cm – Thickness 3 cm

I create this series of triptychs according to my moods, in century-old reclaimed wood. This wood has a story: I replaced the gates of my workshops, which were massive farmhouse gates, with glass roofs. These gates have lived, been painted and repainted, but when cutting, the wood still smells of larch. I liked the authentic side of these successive layers of paint, some of which still reappear, and whose relief forms random patterns. I play with these patterns and with the successive colors of white or green that reappear, and highlight this superb century-old wood in these very original little decorative squares.

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Weight 650 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 cm


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