Mother-of-pearl and Picasso jasper bracelet


Mother-of-pearl and Picasso jasper bracelet

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Original and discreet bracelet that plays on the contrasts of textures and shades of gray.

The pattern of 6mm diameter white mother-of-pearl beads interspersed with black seed beads plays on colors and contrasts. The 6mm matte “Picasso” jasper wristband is ordered from dark to light tones.
“Picasso” jasper is a stone in gray tones, ranging from very light gray to black, with patterns in strata and intertwined stripes very “modern art”. The last beads are small (4mm) in lava stones, to limit support and improve comfort when the forearm is placed on a surface: table or desk.

The assembly and made on elastic for the practical side.

In lithotherapy, “Picasso” jasper represents initiative, courage and creativity.

All my bracelets are made to order, in the size you want.
Manufacturing time, two to three days, excluding replenishment.
If you wish to personalize your bracelet from this database, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page or the “Design your jewel” page of the “jewelry” menu, so that we can define your preferences together and offer you a fair price.

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