Black hematite and aluminum bracelet


Black hematite and aluminum bracelet with snowflake obsidian beads

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Affirm your style and display your virility with this superb, very masculine, contemporary and atypical bracelet. The checkerboard pattern is made up of metallic black hematite discs and rectangular aluminum beads for a very masculine industrial look. The wristband is made of 6 and 4mm snowflake obsidian beads, very trendy and very manly.

The assembly is made on elastic for the practical side, and a cylindrical charm protects the knot.

In lithotherapy, snowflake obsidian is a powerful protective stone.

All my bracelets are made to order, in the size you want.
Manufacturing time, two to three days, excluding replenishment.
If you wish to personalize your bracelet from this database, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page or the “Design your jewel” page of the “jewelry” menu, so that we can define your preferences together and offer you a fair price.

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