Gilles Art'n Smoke Workshop

(GAS) whose acronym is my own family name, is a small workshop in wich I enjoy to satisfy my passions, and offering to satisfy yours.

Who am I ?

Gilles Art Shop

After scientific and technological studies during wich I learned to master technical drawing , metallurgy and the use of machine too, I made a brief passage through a scool of architecture where I acquired the art of drawing and colors, and I ended up studying computer science wich I made my first career.

Always attracted by science and technology, lover of beautiful objects, lover of beautiful materials, passionate about creation and well done work, I enjoy creating my own objects.

So in 2016, I founded the company “Gilles Art’n Smoke” to offer you unique and original electronic pipes and tobacco pipes.

I strive to make them by hand with passion, and am deeply concerned about the satisfaction of my customers.

Today, I have chosen to diversify myself, and offer you through this brand new version of my little virtual shop “Gilles Art Shop”, pipes, jewelry, chess games and art objects and interior decoration.

Without forgetting the paintings of my mom, the artist GASC…

Gilles Art Shop figures

After these seven years of existence and happiness, here are some figures that summarize my activity.


Weeks of creation and happiness in this small workshop…


Delighted and satisfied customers.


Personalized creations…


Unique pieces offered…

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Personalized creations…